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Vodohod Luxury 5* ships

Vodohod Luxury 5*

Our 5 star luxury category are the best ships in the fleet. Offering exclusive itineraries and experiences onboard.

Onboard these ships the cabins are elegantly designed and spacious, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring. You’ll also find a well appointed fitness room and spa should you wish for a little well deserved pampering. When it comes to food, our renowned chefs have crafted menus to suit all, offering an enhanced gourmet dining experience across our restaurants. With wines chosen by our fleet sommelier and panoramic views fr om our bars, truly a feast for the senses.

Available across our five-star ships, Vodohod present our Gastronomy dining experience. A variety of international cuisines served in the elegant atmosphere of our restaurants. In addition your dining experience will be enhanced by a table dressed in ornate flowers and decorative candles surrounded by elegant live music.

Breakfast and lunch are served in buffet style and dinner is a la carte from a “Chef menu” and includes a selection of beverages (water, tea, coffee, choice: juice, red/white wine and beer). Allocated seating is provided for the entire cruise.

Coffee stations are located through the ship and available 24 hours a day.

In addition to the complimentary dining included in your cruise, we have created some additional dining experiences available at an additional cost, should you wish to enhance your dining experience.

We have created three drinks packages for use across our bars and restaurants. Drinks can also be bought individually in our bars if you wish.

Venues include (bar venues vary by ship depending on layout):

  • Restaurant “A la carte”
  • Restaurant “Catch of the Day” (on our expedition cruises)
  • Music bar
  • Beer pub
  • Panorama Bar
  • In-cabin minibar (depending on the ship and cabin categories)
  • Room service 24/7 (Cabin service)
  • Tastings and cooking classe
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