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Ship & cabin facilities

Ship & cabin facilities

A Vodohod cruise offers great value with the number of components fr om accommodation, meals, shore excursions and onboard entertainment already included.

We want to ensure you make the most fr om your cruise and so we have created a list of additional excursions and services for you to choose fr om. Plus, there’s also the option for you to pre-book ahead of your cruise at a discounted rate.

Below, you’ll find more details on where you’ll be staying as well as the different types if activities you can partake in if you desire.

Your floating hotel

A Vodohod ship is more than just a ship. For the duration of your cruise, it’s your home from home. As you step onboard, it is as if you have walked into a beautiful hotel, wh ere our staff have only one priority: you and ensuring you have the most amazing holiday.

The cabins are divided into Standards, Junior suites and Suites. Moreover, they can be single, double, triple or quadruple, giving you the chance to accommodate a large group or a more spacious experience.

Our fleet of 26 ships are divided into three, four and five stars.

What to do during your cruise?

On the decks. Sunbathe, breathe fresh air, admire the surrounding beauty. Take pictures, take selfies and send them to friends. Throughout the day, on deck is a great place to enjoy a drink, meet other guests, enjoy the scenery or gaze at the stars at night. For those looking for a little more physical activity, our fitness instructors are on hand to provide a workout before you head for breakfast.

In the cabin. Equipped with everything you need; this is your haven. A place to escape and relax, allowing you to prepare for the next day of adventures. Listen to our onboard radio station, wh ere you can discover more about the route or alternatively listen to concerts of modern and legendary singers, stories and tales.

In the restaurant. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners at beautifully laid tables are a great way to spark a leisurely conversation with fellow guests. After dinner, we invite all guests to take part in our entertainment programmes wh ere everyone will find something to their liking - from classical music concerts to dancing the night away.

On land. Our excursion programme has something for everyone, from bus and walking tours to craft making to food tasting, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Please leave your phone number and one of our team will call you back as soon as we can. Please note our opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am - 7pm (Moscow Time).
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