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Volgograd is known throughout the world for the 1943 Battle of Stalingrad. Lasting 200 days and nights, it was a pivotal point in World War II. Today, the city commemorates those who fought in the battle at several large-scale monuments.

The modern day city of Volgograd is said to have been founded in 1589 as a fortress named Tsaritsyn on the River Volga in territory, which had been annexed to Russia with the defeat of the Astrakhan Khanate. The name derives from the River Tsaritsa, which has Turkic origins and is not related to the Russian word ‘tsar’. Previous to this it is believed that there was a Tatar settlement located here.

Tsaritsyn quickly grew into an important border town with a garrison of troops and customs officials. In 1774, the Volga Cossacks supported the rebellion of Yemelyan Pugachev and together they marched on Tsaritsyn. However, it was in Tsaritsyn that the rebellion began to falter as government troops inflicted a crushing defeat on the rebels.

At the end of the 18th century, after the Volga Cossack Host was dissolved and the Tsaritsyn Fortified Line had become obsolete, the defensive role of Tsaritsyn decreased and the city's industrial importance grew. This trend continued throughout the 19th century, which was aided in the 1860s and 1870s with the arrival of railway lines in Tsaritsyn, improving the transport links and bringing new industries to Tsaritsyn.

The city changed its name several times. In 1925, it was decided to rename the city Stalingrad in recognition of the role Joseph Stalin played in the defense of the city during the Civil War. In 1961, as part of the programme of de-Stalinisation, it was decided to rename the city Volgograd.

The city is also known as the ‘Port of Five Seas’, as its canal connects the Azov, Caspian, Black, Baltic and Northern Seas.

You will have a chance to feel the atmosphere of that time at the memorial complex "To the Heroes of Stalingrad Battle" on Mamaev Mound. During the tour, you will get acquainted with the main tourist attractions of Volgograd: central promenade, monument - an obelisk in the Square of Fallen Fighters etc. The memorial complex "To the Heroes of Stalingrad Battle" on Mamaev Mound will allow you to see the noted Monument "Motherland Calls!" and the square of "Standing to the death!"

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