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Yermakovo is a village in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In the past, the stronghold of the construction of the Salekhard - Igarka railway (1949–1953). From here, you can get to the remains of a former grandiose construction site.

Construction of the Dead Road claimed the lives of more than 300,000 Gulag prisoners tasked with delivering Stalin's dream of a 806-mile-long rail line to run between the Siberian cities Igarka and Salekhard. Upon Stalin's death, the project was abandoned. After a short hike through the Siberian forest, we will take you to see these unfinished tracks.

After a kilometer hike through the real Siberian forest, you will see the remains of the northernmost railway. The grand construction which claimed the lives of more than 300,000 people, also called as the “Dead Road”. The whole history of the Stalinist repressions silently froze in fragments of the rut.

Accompanied by local guides, you will also visit the Museum “Building 503” dedicated to the Gulag (an abandoned steam locomotive in the forest) and Zapolyarye station with an exhibition of items from the Building 503.

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