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"Putorana" in the Evenki language means "lakes with steep banks". The area of the Putorana Plateau is comparable with the area of Great Britain and reaches 2.5 million hectares. This is the second largest basalt plateau in the world, after the Indian plateau Deccan. The Putorana Nature Reserve is recognized as a World Heritage Site and is protected by UNESCO.

A sacred place to the Nenets and Dolgan people, National Geographic described the area as a "primaeval expanse of volcanic rock and pristine waters where man has barely made a ripple". Located in the central part of the Plateau is the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Putoransky State Nature Reserve. It earned this accolade thanks to its subarctic and arctic ecosystem, including pristine taiga, forest-tundra, tundra and boreal desert systems, as well as untouched cold-water lake and river systems. The best way to see this roadless expanse is from the air – swoop above it for a bird’s-eye view.

Experience a helicopter tour of the Putorana Plateau, some 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. You will be brought by helicopter to watch a unique phenomenon. You will visit the unreachable places where no one has been before!

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