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Neva river

The Neva River is an essential part of St. Petersburg's charm. What can be more romantic during your cruise with Vodohod than strolling along the Neva's granite-clad embankments and admiring the city's open bridges fr om the water?

The Neva River is only 46 miles long and flows from Lake Ladoga to the Gulf of Finland, in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea. Before joining the Baltic, the Neva splits into several branches forming a delta, wh ere downtown St. Petersburg is located. Since the foundation of the city, the Neva was intended to be the "main route of the city". The river’s name is derived from the Finnish word nevo, for “swampy”; it is a suitable description of the river estuary. The Neva has always been a bone of contention between Sweden and Russia.

The Neva is an important river that was built along more than 42 islands, and which has been divided up by a system of waterways and tributaries. The journey by ship from St. Petersburg to Lake Ladoga passes through beautiful landscapes. The raised riverbank is very impressive, as is the width of the river (between 250 and 1,300). On the 23 km stretch within the boundaries of St. Petersburg, the suburbs and villages lie on the banks of the river. The farther one goes from St. Petersburg the more natural the scenery becomes.

The water is between 8 and 24 m deep and the average velocity of flow is 4 km/hour. Because of the proximity to the Baltic Sea the climate is damp and wet. In midsummer, temperatures can rise to 30 degrees C. But, whatever the season, the Neva River is a wonderful accompaniment to the architectural splendor of the Winter Palace and Hermitage, the Admiralty, the Peter and Paul fortress, the Summer Gardens and the major landmarks that stand on its banks.

Almost all of the major attractions of St. Petersburg are either placed directly beside the water or can be easily seen from your ship. We invite you to join a Vodohod cruise and to enjoy the unique atmosphere in the Venice of the North - a town between sky and water.

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