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The city of Cheboksary lies on the right bank of the middle Volga River, between Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. Although Cheboksary is known to have existed since the mid-15th century, and a fortress was built there in 1555, the town remained unimportant until the building of a rail link to Kanash in 1939. Thereafter it grew rapidly, with modern apartment blocks and factories spreading along the high river bluffs, though the old radial town plan was retained.

Cheboksary has a long history of rebellion and uprising, having been victim to the Rebels of Ivan Bolotnikov, the Freemen of Stepan Razin and the Squads of Emelyan Pugachev. Luckily, the Vvedensky Cathedral, two churches in the Troika Monastery, and the Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God have been preserved. Elsewhere, the remaining traditional architecture mingles with the contemporary.

Nowadays, a wide range of products is manufactured in Cheboksary, including cotton textiles and heavy tractors and earth-moving equipment.

You will enjoy the bus city tour in the capital of the Republic of Chuvashia, where monuments of architecture are organically combined with the modern embankment, decorated with a lattice with a national ornament.

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