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Being able to discover more of a destination is one of the great advantages of a river. We pride ourselves on offering a truly authentic Russian experience making sure that every experience is carefully selected to maximise your holiday. We want you to show you the real Russia and help you fall in love with all of her charms!
From places of interest and the routes plotted to give you all the time you need at every stop, even down to the guides we source.
Our concept

Vodohod has designed more than 250 excursion programs to suit all tastes and provide you with a flavour of what Russia has to offer. We tested each and every experience ourselves: we walked, we rode the bus, we looked, listened, tried, selected and endorsed only the best of the best.

Either in a small group or by private tour if your prefer, we’ll make sure you see all of the highlights on your itinerary and we’ll even throw in some hidden gems that only those cruising with Vodohod get to see.

At every port of call, we have scheduled just the right amount of time to take in the sights and flavours each place offers.

How the tours are arranged

A selection of must-see daily excursion programs are included as part of your trip. As part of a group you will be assigned an expert local guide who will share their knowledge and insight of the places you visit on your daily excursion programme.

In addition to these tours, we have created a collection of premium optional excursions showcasing extraordinary and rare sites, people and history. These experiences can be pre-booked in advance of your cruise (recommended) or when you arrive on board should you prefer.

A variety of excursion programs
Sightseeing tours

Depending on the size of the city and the number of places of historical interest, sightseeing tours are divided into walking tours or bus tours. You will be accompanied by an accredited local guide who will highlight the key facts and points of interest as well as the best camera angles for those important photos.

Russian nature tours

Cruising through Russia, you’ll bask in some of the most beautiful vistas along the riverbanks. At every port of call you’ll have the opportunity to go ashore and experience the beauty and nature that Russia has to offer.

Museums, galleries, theatre tours

Since the Byzantine era, Russian art has been a major factor in reflecting and recording important social and cultural change. For all culture vultures, we have created a hit list of must-see museums, famous of galleries and the most renowned theatres Russia has to offer.

Homes of famous Russian people tours

We all love to visit new places and people watch to understand how people really live. We offer the opportunity for our guests to step into the past and walk in the footsteps of some of our most famous Russians by in depth visits to their estates. The odd creaky floorboard and all.

Religious building tours

Russia is home to some of the most breath-taking Orthodox cathedrals, mosques and ancient frescoes. For thousands of years Russians have built some amazing places of worship.

Active tours

All our cruises offer a comprehensive programme of activities. From bike riding to hiking, we encourage people to set off and combine exercise with the discovery of new sights and places.
If you are part of on our first ever expedition river cruise on the Yenisei, you’ll be able try your hand at river fishing - it's an unforgettable experience!

Creative tours

Turn your hand to arts and crafts and learn about enamel painting, how traditional Christmas toys are made or discover the secret behind Khokhloma painting. There are many traits for you to learn on our immersive shore excursion programmes.

Gastronomic tours

One of the best ways to get to know a region is through the local cuisine. On board our ships, we take you on a culinary journey. Our acclaimed chefs will create a feast for the senses taking in local influence, dishes and cooking styles as well as a great selection of international dishes. combined with western cuisine.

Expedition river cruise

New to the Vodohod itinerary portfolio, join us on an adventure to discover the heart and soul of Siberia as we set sail along the Yenisei river. Take in the untouched nature of the majestic Taiga, discover the life and culture of small tribes and Old Believers. Adventure seekers will step into a permafrost cave, hike to construction 503 whilst learning the history of the Gulag and Stalin’s train to nowhere, try your hand at real Siberian fishing and even take a helicopter tour of Plateau Putorana. Whilst crossing the Artic Circle you’ll enjoy local delicacies on shore as well as on board the newly refurbished 98 guest ship the 5 star Maxim Gorky.

Additional excursions

A selection of must see daily excursion programs are automatically included in your trip. In addition to these tours, we have created a collection of premium optional excursions which are available to book either ahead of your cruise at a discounted rate or onboard should you prefer

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