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Coronavirus update

Last updated 30/06/20

Upcoming cruises: what we’re doing to ensure your health

The wellbeing of our guests and staff is of the utmost importance to Vodohod.

We are putting in place additional, thorough and rigorous hygiene procedures on board all our ships in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. When a guest next boards one of our vessels, they will be reassured to notice several new procedures, an even higher standard of cleanliness, and a great awareness amongst crew thanks to thorough training.

It’s all being done to prevent the spread of any new coronavirus infections. Our new normal will make for even safer sailings.

General points to note:

  • The company will provide protective gear and cleaning products (masks, gloves, antiseptics, etc.) for all passengers and all crew members.
  • Vodohod will install hand-cleansing stations at the access points to all of the ship’s public areas, and to ensure non-contact thermometers and express testing kits are available on board.
  • All ships will be thoroughly disinfected from bow to stern, and deck to keel.
  • Social distancing to be adhered to and P.P.E. to be worn at appropriate moments.
  • Irradiators-recirculators will be installed in all public areas.
  • In order to board, everyone – guests and crew – will have to have their temperature checked.
  • Usage of Q.R. codes for easier check in
  • Preventive measures, including the wearing of masks, will be displayed on board.

Procedures for the crew:

Staff will:
  • Undergo thorough awareness training on new hygiene guidelines.
  • Observe one-and-a-half metre social distancing rules.
  • Wear P.P.E. when approaching the shore, while working in the dining rooms, etc.
  • Take a PCR-based Covid-19 test no more than three days before embarkation.
  • Decontaminate the baggage and shoes before boarding the vessel.
  • Work in a bubble or group cell, therefore limiting contact within the crew.
  • Check all guests’ temperature (with a non-contact thermometer) upon check-in, and then every day. If a guest’s temperature is more than 37.2℃, a rapid Covid-19 test will be administered.
  • Check their own temperatures’ twice a day, maintain a temperature sheet, and be removed from duty if they have a high temperature or show any other symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Ensure that the ship’s workrooms and public spaces are ventilated every two hours.
  • Sanitise the vessel’s communal areas regularly, and to disinfect the air with the help of the new irradiators-recirculators.
  • Disinfect the ship daily.
  • Sterilise all touchpoints (the door handles, switches, handrails, railings, etc.) every two hours.
  • Control access to the boat 24/7.
  • Restrict third-party access to the vessel.
  • Utilise non-contact methods when processing documentation for food product delivery, excursion services, etc.

Protocols for guests:

Guests will:
  • Be obliged to have their temperature checked (with a non-contact thermometer) upon check-in, and then every day thereafter.
  • Be asked to adhere to preventive and social distancing measures in place on the ship.
  • Be advised to wear masks in public areas on board, and required to wear them on shore excursions.
  • Be supplied with an electronic tourist health questionnaire to fill in.
  • Be required to disinfect their hands when boarding the ship and entering its public areas.

Practice for mealtimes:

  • Two service times might be implemented at breakfast, lunch and dinner to maintain social distancing rules at all times. Also, the bar space(s) might be utilised, and meals to be potentially served in cabins if needs be.
  • Passengers will have the same, reserved seat for the entire cruise.
  • Cleanliness to be of the highest importance with regards to food preparation and service.
  • The kitchens, tableware and cutlery on the cook-galleys will be cleaned at a temperature of 65℃ for 90 minutes.
  • Hygiene rules will be reinforced during deliveries.
  • Hygiene rules for crew-member meals will be enhanced.

During shore excursions:

  • Guests will be provided with disposable masks and gloves.
  • Social-distancing measures will be established on buses and during tours.
  • Briefings on Covid-19 preventative measures will be conducted.
  • Audio-guides will be utilised during visits to ensure that you can be socially distant from your tour guide and not miss out on anything.
  • P.P.E. will be worn by staff during shore excursions.